LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD
LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD


In line with its environmental policy LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas invests resources in the best available modern technologies, which allow reducing the level of environmental pollution at refinery sites.

In order to provide the environmental safety in LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas, the best available techniques are applied enabling the processing of hydrogen sulfide and water, reduction of hazardous emissions and safe processing of environmental residue.

LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas is continuously retrofitting the existing and constructs new facilities to improve the environment of the region of the company's operation: a new Sulphur Recovery Unit — 4, furnace flue gases treatment systems, new waste heat boiler and filtration system.

Sulphur Recovery Unit — 4 is designed to recover Hydrogen sulphide obtained from thermocatalytic processes of oil fractions updating.

The facility is used for both the new Heavy Residue Processing Complex units and the operating units of the refinery.

The unit's output capacity is 300 tons of granulated sulphur per day, and the sulphur extraction level is no lower than 99,8%.

A new waste heat boiler П-401 was built at the Catalytic Cracking unit, and a DAHLMANN filtration system was also installed.

The system is a new generation technology in oil refining and this is one of its first applications within the European Union.

The enterprise has built flue gases treatment systems on furnaces F-101 and F-2101 of Hamon. These are equipped with DeNOx units for nitrogen oxides removal, electric filters, DeSOx units for sulphur oxides removal, and are in full conformity with current requirements of energy efficiency, reagent use and operation performance.

The treatment systems made it possible to reduce the annual emissions of the two furnaces by cca. 210 tons for SOx, 90 tons for NOx and 70 tons for dust particles.

LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas is actively working on the implementation of the Program for remedy of past environmental damages. Within the framework of this Program the following projects are ongoing:

Pursuant to the requirements of p. 7.4.3  “External exchange of information” of ISO 14001 international standard, “LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas” AD decided to disclose publicly the information about its essential environmental aspects.

Environmental aspects

Aspects control measures

Emission of pollutants to air from stationary sources

Reduction of emissions

Ensuring operational control on emissions of pollutants at the sources and the air within the impact area

Waste water discharge into water bodies

Ensuring treated waste water discharge

Ensuring operational control of the quality of discharged waste waters and the condition of the water bodies within the impact area

Water consumption

Reduced fresh water consumption

Introduction of new and/or revamp of existing facilities for recirculating and reuse water supply

Ensuring control on fresh water consumption

Industrial waste management

Utilisation of oil-containing waste

Utilisation of waste water treatment residues

Construction of waste disposal facilities

Introduction of waste utilisation facilities

Liquidation of "old environmental damage"

Ensuring operational control on the condition and the impact on environment components at the waste disposal facilities

Disturbed and polluted land

Ensuring operational control on the condition of soils

Environmental pollution as a result of pipeline failures

Inhibitor protection of pipelines

Diagnostics of pipelines

Turnaround and reconstruction of worn-out pipeline sections

Damage to aquatic bioresources

Ensuring control on the condition and biodiversity of aquatic bioresources

Legitimacy of environmental protection actions

Timely update of permit documentation

Educating managers and specialists in the area of environmental protection, including waste management.