LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD
LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD


LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas JSC is a modern oil-refining enterprise implementing the best available technologies, providing high production performance, meeting the highest standards of industrial and labour safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. The company carries out charity initiatives, investing in construction of social infrastructure in Burgas and Kameno municipalities, and supporting projects of great public significance.

Protection of the environment and the health of the employees is a major priority intertwined in all company’s operations. The implementation of comprehensive consistent measures in the area of ecology as well as the large-scale revamp of the refinery have significantly improved its environmental performance making it one of the best European refineries by “Emissions per 1 ton of throughput” indicator. The refinery team is working on a number of projects in the area of energy efficiency, optimization of use of natural resources, carbon footprint reduction, bio-diversity preservation, digitalization and development of human potential.


Burgas Municipality covers an area of 51 436 ha including the city of Burgas and 12 towns and villages with total population of 205 329 people.

Burgas implements a long-term transition policy to become a climate-neutral city, thus ensuring adaptation to climate changes and improving the quality of life of its citizens.

The improvement of atmospheric air quality is among the major priorities of Burgas Municipality. A number of projects are being implemented, aiming at reduction of air pollution with fine dust, along with continuous monitoring of air quality.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy are priorities as well. Energy efficiency measures have been implemented for both private residential and public administrative buildings. Ongoing studies reveal opportunities to employ renewable energy sources in public buildings.

Burgas Municipality works to protect the cleanness of water basins and their biodiversity. Methods to reduce waste in water basins have been implemented. A number of projects have been carried out in cooperation with NGOs to improve and protect bio-diversity.

Prof. d-r Asen Zlatarov University is the only state university in Burgas. Founded more than 50 years ago it quickly became a leading scientific and educational centre in the field of chemical technology. Currently, the University includes five faculties – Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTS), Faculty of Natural Science, Medical Faculty, Faculty of Health care and Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as two colleges training medical staff and tourism experts. The University is an important scientific centre with traditionally strong research groups in the field of polymer chemistry; organic synthesis and petrol chemistry; inorganic technologies; preparation and purification of industrial and wastewater; mathematical chemistry; computer science and technology; economics and management, etc. The University project management and research activities are supported by a dedicated Research centre with Central Research Laboratory.

The Water Engineering lab is the only university laboratory in Bulgaria dedicated to water engineering science, technology development and tertiary education based upon the combination of chemistry and biotechnology. Currently, the key scientific activities of FTS are focused on water monitoring, water and wastewater treatment, including energy and nutrients recovery from sludge and wastewater using conventional methods and innovative instruments as bio-electrochemical approaches, heavy metals removal by precipitation, ion exchange and hybrid complexation/membrane processes. Two additional laboratories specialized in microbiological and chemical analysis of water have been established enhancing the research capacity of the Unit.

Since its establishment over 30 years ago, Eurovix has specialised in the development and production of bioenhancers, complex formulations containing selected mixtures of enzymes and microorganisms, for the treatment of organic substances, soils and water.

Eurovix's approach is focused on sustainability and respect for the environment. The payoff Biotechnology for Life therefore fully reflects the corporate philosophy.

In addition to specific products for agriculture, animal husbandry and water sector, Eurovix offers eco-friendly systems and solutions that help to solve the main environmental problems.

The experience gained in the sector allows Eurovix to develop, after careful analysis, sustainable and cost-effective technologies that meet specific needs, for various fields of application, including: wastewater treatment plants and sewage; odour abatement; solid waste; composting and landfills; soil remediation, biodigesters, fine dust.

The LIFE WATEROIL project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union.